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Foshan Nanhai Yaoda Building Material Co., Ltd. is specialized in design and production of prefab house and environmental materials. Our main products include: prefabricated slope style house, prefabricated flat style house, prefabricated villa, security room and prefabricated fences, etc. The material series include: Polystyrene sandwich panel (EPS), Polyurethane sandwich panel, rock wool sandwich panel and PU foam, etc. >> View All



---- China's Leading Supplier of Prefab House

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Slope-Style Prefab House

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prefabricated house, often referred to as prefab houses, are dwellings manufactured off-site in advance, usually in standard sections that can be easily shipped and assembled.

Comparing with those conventional houses or homes, prefab home or house requires much less labour, which are becoming popular in Europe, Canada and United States as they are cheap.

The history of the prefab house goes back to the birth of America. Many of those escaping religious persecution in England took apart their homes before they left and brought them over on the boat to be reassembled in the new land. During the gold rush of the 1840s and 1850s, house kits were shipped to prospectors in California. In the early 20th century, mail-order prefab homes were shipped to people all over the country in thousands of pieces. Owners could put the houses together themselves, like a giant Lego or Lincoln log kit, with each piece numbered.

The modern prefab house that has come to be known as a mobile home or trailer began by modeling World War II Quonset huts. Many of these homes were mass produced in the post-war era. While these were affordable to families in distress, their unimpressive design became the image of low income and dullness. However, the prefab house of today goes far beyond trailer parks and double wides.