Yaoda’s new house is so designed that it is amazing before it enters the door!

471 Published by admin 4月 19,2019

Yaoda Housing Technology has more than 20 years of experience in the mobile housing industry, but now it is still in full swing, from small hardware home to today’s tens of thousands of square meters of factory buildings; from simple processing to automation, large-scale production; from regional sales to overseas sales; today Yaoda Housing Technology has a strong elite team, with a number of independent intellectual property rights and many honors. It plays an important role in the mobile housing industry. Therefore, I was invited to attend the 125th Guangzhou Pazhou Import and Export Commodity Fair as scheduled. It was a splendid and unprecedented event.



On April 15, the 125th China Import and Export Commodity Fair (Guangzhou) in 2019 opened at Pazhou Convention and Exhibition Center in Guangzhou. Yaoda, the leading brand of mobile housing, has landed with new products.



This exhibition brings you nine fashionable villas, from single fashion apartments to elegant and warm villas, using the simplest pure materials and shapes to create a unique environment that integrates landscape and space, expressing the “free diversity” that is not limited to the structure, materials and environment of the building itself.



While bringing surprises to everyone, Yaoda Housing Technology has always been leading the development of the industry, bringing consumers a perfect space art experience, integrating craftsmanship into the modern housing system, constantly creating high-quality products, bringing consumers a quiet and fashionable home life.



Yaoda Housing Technology, the leader of mobile housing, invites you to appreciate together and win-win the future! On April 15-19, 2019, Yaoda Housing Science and Technology Exhibition Hall 9.2 J14, Canton Fair, welcomes your arrival!

No.58 Guidan Xi Road, Danzao Town,
Nanhai Zone, Foshan City, Guangdong Province China

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