Understanding Yaoda Light Steel Villa in Three Minutes

536 Published by admin 2月 28,2019

It is reported that the development of assembly building in China is constantly rising. By 2017, the global assembly building market will reach nearly 200 billion US dollars, with an annual growth rate of more than 20%. It is expected that in 2022, all new buildings will be constructed in assembly mode in principle. Detailed planning, rapid development trend!

So what questions do you have about Yaoda Light Steel Villa? Yaoda Housing Science and Technology to give you one by one answer.


   What are the advantages of Yaoda Light Steel Villa and Brick-concrete Structure?

Yaoda Light Steel Villa has many advantages:

– Residential comfort, double insulation insulation insulation heat transmission, very comfortable.

– Energy saving and emission reduction, if in rural areas, coal saving in winter and electricity saving in summer.

– Effective earthquake resistance, unless subsidence, otherwise in the earthquake will never collapse.


   How long is the service life of Yaoda Light Steel Villa?

The bearing structure design of Yaoda Light Steel Villa has a service life of 90 years, which is three times as long as that of ordinary houses.


   Is Yaoda Light Steel Villa Safe?

Light steel villa is an intelligent technology originating from the United States. It has been popularized in developed countries for decades and is very safe. It meets the requirements of 9 degree seismic fortification, can withstand typhoon of 12 degree, can bear snow on roof up to 1500 mm and the fire resistance limit of building up to 2.5H design standard.


   Is the new material of Yaoda Light Steel Villa safe?

Yaoda light steel housing materials are in line with the national safety and environmental standards, will not contain formaldehyde, benzene, radiation materials harmful to human health. And these materials can be recycled, very environmentally friendly.



   What is the wall structure of Yaoda Light Steel Villa?

Ordinary room walls from the inside out in turn are: interior wall decoration – gypsum board (calcium silicate board) – light steel keel (keel interior contains noise reduction, insulation of rock wool or glass wool) – European pine board (calcium silicate board) – Extrusion board (XPS insulation layer, need to use keel support) – waterproof layer – exterior wall decoration board.

   How thick is the wall of Yaoda Light Steel Villa?

On the whole, the walls of light steel villas are thinner than those of traditional brick-concrete ones, which can save more usage area. Exterior walls of light steel villas are generally 200 mm, and interior walls (partitions) are generally 120 mm. If it is in the northeast and other cold areas, it is necessary to thicken the insulation layer, and the exterior walls will be a little thicker than ordinary ones.


   How long does the construction cycle of Yaoda Light Steel Villa take?

Because the main materials of light steel villas are manufactured in factories, they can be assembled as automobiles directly after being transported to the site. Generally speaking, Module Construction a 300-foot building will not last more than three months.


   How about the sound insulation effect of Yaoda Light Steel Villa?

The walls of light steel villas adopt high quality rock wool or glass wool, which not only has good sound insulation and heat preservation, but also has light weight.

The floor of light steel villas can be divided into two systems: the first is calcium silicate plus/or Euclidean slab system, and the second is cast-in-situ reinforced concrete system with steel bearing slabs. Very thick, sound insulation effect is also very good.


   How about the thermal insulation effect of Yaoda Light Steel Villa?

Light steel villas have double thermal insulation functions of rock wool and XPS (extrusion board), so as to achieve the effect of warm winter and cool summer, energy saving and emission reduction.


   Can Yaoda Light Steel Villa Moisture-proof?

The wall of Yaoda Light Steel Villa is equipped with a one-way permeable layer. Integrated Building the permeable layer is a new type of macromolecule material. The surface of the material has a very small micro-porous structure. Because the minimum diameter of water droplets is about 0.02 mm, while the diameter of water vapor molecules is only 0.0000004 mm, there is a huge difference between the two diameters. The moisture inside the building can escape from the wall, the moisture inside the house can be discharged, and the moisture outside the house can not come in. Light steel villas will not appear wall “sweating” situation.


   How many floors can Yaoda Light Steel Villa be built?

Yaoda Light Steel Villa is divided into two systems. The stress system of light steel wall is suitable for buildings with three stories and below. The light steel plate column system is suitable for buildings with six stories and below. It can be used for civil and commercial purposes. The steel structure has a long span and the internal structure can be handled flexibly. But now the use of light and heavy steel structure combination has been able to achieve about 20 stories.


   Can Yaoda Light Steel Villa be designed?

Yes! Yaoda Light Steel Villa is divided into two types, one is our standard house, the price is low. One is customized by the designer according to the customer’s requirements, the price is slightly higher.

Specific design involves many problems, which need to be determined according to the specific requirements of customers. From the preliminary project plan to project design to project construction management, Yaoda Housing Science and Technology has senior technicians always accompanied!


   Does Yaoda Light Steel Villa need to be renovated?

Decoration is a very broad concept, light steel villas can achieve four white landing, access to water and electricity, can be directly accommodated, different from the traditional rough room. If fine decoration is needed, it is usually customized according to the requirements.



Yaoda Housing Technology integrates design, production and construction into a professional house smart builder. It collects high-quality resources and products all over the major cities and overseas countries. Light steel houses are widely used in villas, tourism holidays, camp dormitories, scenic areas supporting, mobile housing, post-disaster reconstruction, office, clubs, schools and new rural construction of urbanization. Compared with the traditional structure, the light steel house has the advantages of green environmental protection, energy saving, earthquake resistance, fast construction and so on. With advanced production technology, high quality product quality, complete product categories, excellent sales and technical service team, Yaoda wholeheartedly provides all-round services to customers at home and abroad.


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