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On October 19th, the 124th Import and Export Commodities Fair came to an end. The Yaoda booth attracted many consumers and domestic and foreign distributors. The scene was very hot.

During the 5 days of the exhibition, Yaoda’s booths exceeded 6,000, and there were nearly 1,000 people who knew the intent, and more than 100 customers reached initial cooperation. We can feel the development of the construction industry in the future, and also understand the needs and expectations of customers and the hopes that they have fostered.


China Import and Export Fair Live Picture

Exhibition site pictures

On October 22, 2018, Xu Zezhen, President of the Group, launched a summary of the Conference of Import and Export Commodities Fair with the concept of “Protection of arrogance and arrogance and enthusiasm”. The aim is to promote Yaoda to better expand the international market and provide good services for overseas buyers and suppliers.

Exhibition customers visit the booth to see pictures

Customers visit our company

The meeting first listened to the post-Canton Fair work and work plan of relevant personnel, and conducted a sincere exchange with a large number of customers and business personnel, and greatly affirmed Yaoda products, and hoped to further understand. Mr. Xu Zezhan, President of the Group, issued important instructions:

Although Yaoda’s initial can be traced back to the 95th century, it is not enough. We can never stop the development. We always adhere to independent research and development, excellence, and create outstanding Chinese assembled architectural brands with the most complete manufacturing process and upgraded research and development methods.

We will continue to provide customers with safe and reliable products. While promoting the development of the company and benefiting the public, we will embark on a road of industrialization and development of “Yao Da will be a boutique” and enhance the reputation of “Honest and Good Quality”. A new height is bound to develop into an important driving force for China’s future green building materials industry.

Group photo

Taking photos with interested customers at the fair

Since its inception, we have been adhering to the vision of “creating a beautiful space for human beings”. We listen to the needs and intentions of our customers and provide our customers with valuable services. Focusing on the corporate vision, correcting problems in the work in a timely manner, repositioning itself does not bear the trust and expectations of customers.

This is a picture of a conversation

Customers who are negotiating cooperation

Yaoda Group can stand out from this competition, and the sales elites are closely related to each other, with professional knowledge to solve the problems in customer projects. Mr. Xu affirmed the achievements made at the Canton Fair and handed over an excellent answer to the company, condensing the collective wisdom and strength of the company, and working together to make progress.




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