Strengthen Fire Safety Awareness and Strengthen Yaoda Production and Operation

464 Published by admin 3月 23,2019

Strengthen fire knowledge training

Safety first, prevention first”, in order to further strengthen the company’s staff fire safety awareness, improve the ability to respond to emergencies, proficient knowledge of fire safety and fire extinguishing equipment use. On the afternoon of March 15, I was honored to invite Professor Chen of Foshan Fire Protection Association to conduct a unique training on fire safety knowledge and fire extinguisher use skills for enterprise employees. Yaoda Housing Technology Leaders, Warehouse Supervisors, Production Supervisors and Security Guards participated in the training.


In the special lecture, lecturer Chen broadcasted many examples of major fire accidents in recent years by means of pictures and texts, news reports, accident analysis and on-site statements. With shocking pictures and figures, the hearts of all the trainees were greatly shocked. He deeply realized the importance of “hidden dangers are more dangerous than open fires, and prevention is better than disaster relief”. Then according to the actual situation of fire safety in enterprises, combined with the knowledge of electricity, gas and fire in work and life, this paper introduces the cause of the accident and the harm caused, explains in detail the self-defense, self-rescue and escape skills after the fire, and introduces different fire extinguishers according to their types, functions and uses. The instructor’s language is vivid, full of voice and emotion, links with practice and is close to life, and achieves good results.


Fire drill aims at preventing accidents in the near future. The company always regards safety as the top priority of enterprises and safety production as the top priority of enterprises. Every year, fire knowledge training and drill are held irregularly, and through fire knowledge training and on-site simulation drill, a safe and harmonious working environment is created for the vast number of employees.


Strengthen Yaoda’s production and operation

In order to promote the smooth implementation of enterprise production and construction projects, improve the business ability of ERP personnel, enhance the cohesion of ERP team, and give full play to the role of production and operation, Yaoda Housing Technology ERP 2.0 system restarted training assessment and prepared for online. This training not only consolidates the existing basic knowledge, but also fills in the gaps in areas not previously covered.



High-quality ERP business competence level plays a positive role in strengthening project management, improving work management efficiency, reengineering business processes and improving core soft power of enterprises. As the core information management system in the operation of Yaoda Housing Science and technology system, ERP system is closely related to the daily operation of the enterprise. Taking advantage of this training opportunity, Yaoda colleagues timely raise questions, fully communicate, deepen the system awareness, strengthen the communication between the key users of ERP and the end users, and gradually form the consciousness and habit of collaborative work.


The problems existing in the current work, such as insufficient attention, insufficient communication, unclear process, unskilled operation, insufficient timeliness and inconsistency between on-line and off-line work of project management, were discussed warmly.



After the meeting, we all expressed that we should fully understand the training content, effectively improve the ERP business ability, and improve the overall efficiency of the company.



This training not only improves the company’s ERP business ability, successfully combs the company’s recent ERP work, but also strengthens the cohesion of the company’s ERP team, laying the foundation for the smooth operation of ERP work. In the future, the company will also hold business training courses related to integration of ERP work, further enhance the integration of ERP work with finance, contract management, project management, equipment management, and improve the company’s fine management capabilities.



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