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Product Name Cosy House Villa – YDVL – 042

Product Specification:

  • Steel column: Square tube
  • Steel beam: Square tube
  • Purlin: C section steel
  • Wall panel: Customized
  • Roof panel: Customized
  • Decoration wall: Customized
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2 bedroom 2 living room 1 kitchen 2 rest room, Area: 95㎡

·Fire protection · Anti-corrosion · Wind resistance · Anti-earthquake · Sound insulation

· Heat insulation · Zero formaldehyde emission · Lifespan 70 years



Dormitory, holiday resort, camp,daily living and so on.


   Optional for outward  

※ Standard style □
roof: sandwich panel; external wall: water-proof stone painting
※ Comfortable style □
roof: asphalt tile; external wall: PVC panel
※ Luxury style □
roof: glazed tile; external wall: ceramic/cultural stone



   Parameters for product features and performance  

– Earth-quake resistance:8 grade
– Wind resistance:more than 12 grade (70m/s)
– Lifespan:more than 70 years
– House using rate: Light steel houses can increase 5%-13% usable area compared with the traditional buildings.
– Fire resistance:the fire resistance time can reach 1-4 hours according to the different design.
– Sound insulation:more than 42DB(eg:100mm ALC wall)
– Heat insulation:external wall thermal conductivity W/(m.k):0.2
– Environmental friendly: 100% recycled
– Building time:reduce 3/4 time comparing with the traditional building




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Nanhai Zone, Foshan City, Guangdong Province China

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Yaoda Housing Technology Group was founded in 1995. it already has consecutive 20 glorious years, which has made itself become the leader in the professional compact light-steel houses industry and its brand is recognized as one of the most popular ones in China...
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