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As the designated supplier of the United Nations mobile homes and the drafting unit of the National Standards for Mobile Homes in China, we have always focused on product research and development, and continuously research and develop a number of patented products. Therefore, we are light, high-strength, impact-resistant, heat-resistant and corrosion-resistant glass fiber reinforced plastic products.

FRP box room turned out

FRP container product picture

Introduction to glass steel:A fiberglass plate made of a composite material such as high-quality gel coat, high-quality resin, weather-resistant anti-aging film, etc., has no black spots on the surface, no flatness, smoothness and gloss. Not only can resist strong impact, weathering and anti-aging, long service life, and more anti-corrosion performance. The accessory products produced by the combination of other materials and FRP plates can blend their advantages well and make them widely used in life.

FRP PU composite board
FRP PU composite board product picture
· It is made of high-quality FRP flat plate and polyurethane foam board (PU) through special polyurethane glue. It can be used in refrigerated and insulated cars, cold storage and hatchery rooms, even in combination houses due to its beautiful appearance, high strength, light weight and heat preservation. can use.
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FRP xps composite board advantages
1. Yaoda’s self-made high-quality FRP flat plate is used as a composite board skin. The surface of the flat plate is smooth and shiny, and different colors can be customized according to customer requirements.2. The structure of the PU core material is stable, the anti-freeze fusion has good sound absorption, and the performance is stable under the bottom temperature condition, which is suitable for cold storage.3. The normal service life is about 30 years, which greatly saves the cost.

FRP xps composite board

FRP xps composite board product picture

It is made of high-quality FRP flat plate and extruded XPS foam board through polyurethane special glue, which can be applied in RV, insurance transport vehicle and bus shelter.

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FRP xps composite board advantages

1. We use the self-made high-quality FRP plate as the skin material of the composite board. The surface of the board is smooth and flat, and the color can be adjusted according to customer needs.

2. The core material of XPS material has a closed cell ratio of 99%, which reduces air flow and heat dissipation, and has higher stability.

3. Under normal use of the product, the service life can reach 30-40 years.


FRP PP honeycomb composite board

FRP PP honeycomb composite board product pictureFRP PP honeycomb composite board is made of high-quality glass steel plate and PP plastic honeycomb board by special polyurethane and epoxy glue. It is often used in dry freight cars, motor homes, yacht decks and toilet partitions.

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FRP PP honeycomb composite board advantages

1. The FRP skin is smooth and smooth, and can also be made into plates of different colors to enhance the appearance.

2. The pressure resistance and impact resistance are extremely strong, and it can be recovered even if the wheel is crushed.

3. The inner core material is a honeycomb structure with strong sound insulation effect.

It is equipped with a fixed buckle inside the cabinet to fix equipment and other items. It is suitable for long-distance transportation. It is directly connected to Xi’an International Xifei International Aviation Base of Shaanxi Province. It is still safe after a journey of 1,700 kilometers! This is the testimony of the quality of FRP!


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