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660 Published by admin 4月 28,2019

From April 15th to 19th, the 125th China Import and Export Fair (Guangzhou) in 2019 has successfully concluded in Guangzhou Pazhou Convention and Exhibition Center. This exhibition is a unique new villa product with excellent quality. As well as warm and thoughtful service, we have won praises and stops from many customers and friends, vying to understand the price of Yaoda’s activity board room, consulting the cooperation details of the integrated house, and discussing the characteristics of the new villa.



The show Yaoda Housing Technology is low-key stealth, focusing on products,
Because the most advanced marketing is to make the product the ultimate.



In the past 24 years, Yaoda Housing Technology has concentrated on excellence and has a keen insight into the trend of navigation. It has newly developed 9 unique new residential villas, exquisite single apartments, warm family of three, and long-lived five-generation villas. Give full play to “freedom of diversity” and give more choices of diversity!



During the exhibition, all the colleagues of Yaoda Housing Technology actively cooperated with the development of the exhibition in a professional manner, and did not display the project display, first-class quality products, and proper gourmet cakes to create a comfortable viewing experience for customers. The merchants at home and abroad who come to the exhibition are full of praise and praise.


At the exhibition, Yaoda sales elites joined forces, and more than 60 buyers and enterprises have reached more than 20 strategic cooperation and signed large-scale purchase contracts. It is expected that with the successful conclusion of the exhibition, there are more strategic cooperation and procurement agreements that have been reached.


In the future, Yaoda Housing Technology will always adhere to the spirit of pioneering and enterprising, persevering ingenuity to create quality products, and insist on creating maximum value for customers. In the face of fierce market.

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Nanhai Zone, Foshan City, Guangdong Province China

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