How to do a good job of waterproof and seepage prevention of houses?

740 Published by admin 7月 04,2019

When we build the house now, we will use a lot of materials, for the roof, if we don’t use the cement board, then the tile must be used at present, because the color steel tile has so many advantage such as light weight, high strength, colorful, construction convenient, fire protection, Anti-earthquake, waterproof, long lifetime using and free maintenance etc, it has been widely promoted and applied as the system of the roof and wall in industrial and civil buildings, prefabe house, container house, warehouse, special buildings and steel structure, etc. So, how to make the color steel tile be waterproof? Here’s what yaoda housing technology does:



1. Before we make the waterproof we should fully consider the climate features of the area where the building located, choosing the right materials and the measures suitable for the area.



2. When we use the color steel tile for waterproofing, should be reasonable structural design, comprehensive consideration of cost, roof slope, type of plate and other factors, to get the best plan.


3. When we processing the leakage protective system, we have to make a seamless waterproofing system by using the acrylic high elastic crack waterproof coatings with strong weatherability and special sewing knitted polyester fabric in all seam roof, around the pipe of fan, plate, screw, where is easy to ooze water. watts roof leak proof in all seam roof, fan around the pipe, plate, screw, such as easy ooze water area, In view of the old building or old roofing renovation, after the whole roof waterproof requirement, then the whole roof coating twice acrylic high elastic crack waterproof coating.



4. When the color steel tile is covered in all, the service life will be greatly extended, if It is directly exposed to the air, after the surface painting dropped, the metal inside will soon get rust. after a few years we have to replace them, such cost will be even higher.



Yaoda house technology have over 20 years experience in the prefabricated house, with intelligence as the core, will fully considering the surrounding environmental factors on house designing and producing, putting the craftsman spirit into modern housing system, getting serious about the details, having the professional knowledge of production and installation process for wind resistance, waterproofing and corrosion resistance, constantly creating the boutiques, to bring quiet and fashionable life for consumers.

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