Are you coming? Yaoda, Guangzhou, 15 April

421 Published by admin 4月 13,2019

Are you still worried about not finding a professional housing manufacturer?

Are you still worrying about the quality of your house?

Are you still worrying about the housing type?


Come to the Hall 9.2 J14 of the Guangzhou Fair, Yao Da will help you solve your problems one by one.


There are many types of houses for you to choose. Sales elites explain the product structure for you, customize the housing plan for you, and solve the difficult problems of the house for you.


This time, Yaoda Housing Technology will bring a large number of new products to the market, high-energy ahead, please pay attention to it! 



A large number of new products have attacked your eyes. We have prepared a good gift for you at this Canton Fair. Six major themes, hundreds of commodities, passion landing, whether you can’t resist beating heart, come to Yaoda Pavilion!



No.58 Guidan Xi Road, Danzao Town,
Nanhai Zone, Foshan City, Guangdong Province China

about us

Yaoda Housing Technology Group was founded in 1995. it already has consecutive 20 glorious years, which has made itself become the leader in the professional compact light-steel houses industry and its brand is recognized as one of the most popular ones in China...
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