China Yaoda Flat roof cheap prefab house camp in Phillippine

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Project information:

This project is for construction workers in Philippine. A local real estate developer was preparaed to luxury resort hotel. Firstly, it had to settle the living issues of workers. This project included 30 prefabricated house unit and ancillary facilities, like basketball courts and health stations etc.

There is no doubt that more and more prefab house would be seen in construction site.Because it has the following advantages.

1\Reliable structure

2\Water proof

3\Heat insulation characteristic

4\Elegant outlook

5\Convenient for transportation

6\Assemble and disassmeble easily.

Yaoda House technology is the prefab house factorywith more than 20 years history. U.N supplier for the prefab house.Yaoda will be qualified supplier for you if you need the prefab house .


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Nanhai Zone, Foshan City, Guangdong Province China

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Yaoda Housing Technology Group was founded in 1995. it already has consecutive 20 glorious years, which has made itself become the leader in the professional compact light-steel houses industry and its brand is recognized as one of the most popular ones in China...
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