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Prefab House's History in United Kingdom and Australia/Asia
[source: Wikipedia]

Wooden homes have always been popular in North America, due to the large quantity of timber available in North America. In the United States, several companies including Sears Catalog Homes began offering mail-order kit homes between 1902 and 1910. In the United Kingdom, more than 156,000 prefabricated houses were built between 1945 and 1948. After the World War II until 1948, Sell-Fertighaus GmbH built over 5000 prefabricated houses in Germany for the occupying force of the United States.

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In the United Kingdom the word "prefab" is often associated with a specific type of prefabricated house built in large numbers after the Second World War, such as Airey houses, as a temporary replacement for housing that had been destroyed by bombs, particularly in London. Despite the intention that these dwellings would be a strictly temporary measure, many remained inhabited for years and even decades after the end of the war. A small number are still in use in the 21st Century, but more and more are being demolished. In 2011 it was announced that Britain's largest remaining prefab estate of 187 homes in Lewisham, South-East London, is to be redeveloped except for six homes.

There are a small number of prefab home and prefab warehouse builders in Australia/Asia. In the overall housing sector, prefab housing construction is very small as the overall rate of housing construction has been very low due to slow population growth. The prefab sector in Australia/Asia is more optimised for exporting its product, as domestic consumption is limited. In 2010, Bali exported 98,417 units of Prefabicated house, but in 2011 plunged to 5,007 units due to the global economic slowdown that affected a number of export destinations. These Balinese prefab houses are well known for their artistic design and practical value.
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