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Basic  Information
Maldives beach k house is for holiday usage. This kind of prefab house is easy to be installed and disassembled. The weather in Maldives is hot. So prefab house in Maldives should be the one with better performance of heat resist and fire proof. Facing with this situation,we use rock wool sandwich panels as the wall and roof panel.

Project Overview
Type: Maldives beach k house
Area:2000 ㎡

1.Easy installed and disassembled
2.Green and Eco-friendly 100% recyclable materials
3.Light steel construction
4.Strong fire proof, heat resistance
5.Factory competitive price

Steel:C section steel
Roof: 50mm rock wool sandwich panel
Wall: 50mm rock wool sandwich panel
Door: sandwich panel door
Window: Aluminium alloy sliding window
Floor:Cement board