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Winter December, Yaoda warm heart

It's 12 days away from New Year's day ,at the coming New Year, Yaoda House Technology Group give the employees a gift, give thanks to employees for a year of work.

In the afternoon,Mr. Xu Zezhang, President of Yaoda's House Technology, specially sent a New Year's gift to his employees, to thank employees for working hard for the company, the employees were happily taking over the gifts from the president.

The present is the latest made by the company, the design of the house fully reflects the mission of building the beautiful space for mankind, for the company, employees have skills,it's a valuable asset for company. Yaoda house technology has been able to produce so many high-quality house,can't without their wisdom and sweat!

At the same time,Mr. He, the manager of yaoda house technology ,he and his colleagues take a gift to the hospital to visit patient Zhang Kequan,and take the cordial greetings to him .Mr. He asked the doctor about the patient,and encourage him to keep an optimistic attitude,work in with the doctor,we all hope he will recover soon. Zhang felt the care and concern of the company,he expressed his deep appreciation to the company!

When Yaoda house technology is doing a great job of making businesses ,still insist on caring the staff's cold and warm ,firmly believe that "employee's heart, business's root".Share the fruits of the harvest with employees.By constantly enriching the mental life of employees,condense the employees with the advanced enterprise culture,building the core competitiveness of enterprises,motivate employees to devote themselves to work,manufacture each item of products attentively.

Yaoda house technology is well ahead in the industry, attention to quality remains unchanged,the material is the best, the craft is the most accurate, the quality is the most strict,we more demanding than the customer,always adhere to the Customer Focus,regard solve the customer problem as own responsibility.

Yaoda house technology

Integration of intelligent technology and green environmental protection , To create a beautiful space for mankind!