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Nowadays, human society is facing a particularly severe problem:
Environmental problems
Environmental degradation poses a serious threat to the survival and development of mankind.
With the worsening of the global environmental problems,

More and more attention has been paid to the study of environmental problems.

Recently, the China National Standardization Management Committee officially issued the national standards
Green manufacturing enterprise green supply chain management guidelines (GB/T33635-2017),
This is the first time that our country has formulated and promulgated green supply chain related standards.

The standard is proposed by the Department of energy and comprehensive utilization of the Ministry of industry and information technology.

Standard Guide for the release of manufacturing enterprises to implement green supply chain management, constructing the

system of green supply chain to the resource conservation and environment friendly oriented, strengthen green production, 

enhance the core competitiveness of enterprises, has an important role to achieve green development.

The green supply chain in the traditional supply chain based on green manufacturing, product life cycle and the extended

producer responsibility concept into the business process, economic benefit and comprehensive consideration of the enterprise

resource saving and environmental protection, human health and safety requirements of the coordination of supply chain system. 

"Green manufacturing" guidelines for enterprise green supply chain management pointed out that the green supply chain

management is to green manufacturing, product lifecycle management and the extended producer responsibility concept into the 

enterprise supply chain management system, green attribute identification of various phases of products and their life cycle, 

supply chain collaboration on suppliers, manufacturers, logistics providers, distributors and users and recycling business entities, 

effectively manage the green attributes of product / material, reduce product / material and manufacturing, transportation, 

storage and use of the process of resource consumption, environmental pollution and harm to human health, promote the 

recovery and recycling of resources, realize the enterprise green procurement and sustainable development.

Yaoda house technology to improve the living environment, for the purpose of improving the

quality of life, has been to create a green intelligent Home Furnishing products as the goal, 

efforts to provide more protection for the health of consumers, smart green life, the product 

can be used repeatedly, short installation period, does not produce construction waste, energy

 saving, open your smart green home  life!