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Yaoda luxury prefab house make you convient, safe and comfortable

Since twenty-first Century, China's urban construction has begun to flourish, and prefab house has gradually come from the construction site.

Prefab hosue is simple, cheap,practical, and easy to install. It spend less install times than traditional houses. These charateristics make prefab house popular at construction sites. By now, almost all large projects will use prefab house.

With the application of prefab house become more and more widely, prefab hosue gradually come out of construction sites and begin to show their effects in other industries. 

Nowadays, prefab house of Yaoda house technology is not only for dormitory, office and toilet,but also for different kinds of luxury villa, hotel, cinema, restaurant, garage and so on.

The prefab house designed as a garage, which is used to park customers' newly purchased BMW cars. This garage does not need to make the window, only needs to make the volume gate, facilitates the vehicle to enter and out. The specifications of garage is 6 m *3 m *2.8 m , and you can put some car maintenance supplies, the brief repair tool and so on. Customers do not have a dedicated garage, parked directly on the ground is not safe. So prefab house garage is a good choice. Prefab house has strong structure and good wind performance, do not worry about the typhoon damage to the car. 

Yaodas products are sold to many cities and markets at home and abroad, and exported to Asia, Africa, South America, the Middle East, Oceania and other more than 100 countries and regions, trusted by customers at home and abroad!