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Trouble low-price bidding

Recently, the State Council executive meeting to listen to the investigation report, decided according to law on the Xi'an subway "cable" incident to serious accountability, severely crack down on crime, to further implement the "management services" reform requirements, strengthen the comprehensive quality supervision.

Among them, the construction unit fine, revoked the qualification certificate, 5 years without re registration!

The weapon of Shaanxi Construction Supervision Consulting Co. Ltd., Xi'an hospital engineering consulting limited liability company were fined, confiscated of the illegal income, and shall be held accountable for their liability!

A fine shall be imposed on the responsible persons respectively!

Stop the practice of 2 chief supervision engineers, and recommend that the Ministry of housing and urban construction revoke the qualification certificate of the 2, and not re register within 5 years!

At the same time, to reduce the quality of these 2 project supervision units.

The public security and procuratorial organs of the Xi'an Municipality have investigated and investigated 19 people in the central Shaanxi enterprises in Shaanxi province!

Xi'an city police arrest of the airline company's legal representative Wang Zhiwei and other 8 suspects, transferred to judicial organs according to law!

Shaanxi Province, according to the cadre management authority, the relevant government departments and subordinate units of accountability accountable a total of 122 people, involving 16 people, departmental level 58, section 48 and below, respectively, 93 party and government discipline, 16 people, admonishing conversation criticized 9 people, education labor relations and other 4 people!

Main problems and causes

This is a serious case of illegal business selling shoddy products, with the relevant units and personnel and company inside and outside the company, cases of illegal purchase in the subway engineering construction and the use of fake and shoddy products, to seek illegal interests, low bid after Jerry, also is to perform their duties and lax regulation, the relevant local governments and their departments ineffective part leading cadres in violation of law and discipline violations and discipline, dereliction of duty.

The product is the foundation of the enterprise, and also is the foundation of economic activity, only one piece of product quality, make the enterprise with the goal of quality, economic development will be more quality.

In the bidding, the low price will win the bid, causing everyone ignore quality, only pay attention to lower price.Shortly before the National People's Congress Standing Committee to carry out the product quality law enforcement inspection, some business owners complain that, at present, in some places in the bidding in the presence of "low price" phenomenon, has become a prominent obstacle to enterprises to improve product quality, to control and regulate.

Quality is the foundation of a enterprise, Yaoda house technology is national standard drafting unit and only one united nations designated suppliers. At the same time, from raw materials to start Cengcengbaguan, the material used to go through the procurement and quality inspection strictly, the production of each piece of sheet through road detection ensure the quality, size, qualified to enter the follow-up process, to ensure product quality from the source. Yaoda house technology has always adhered to quality based, based on a high value-added, high growth industry leading enterprises, so that Yaoda house technology continues to become bigger and stronger.