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Amazing Yaoda light steel villa

In 2007, provinces and cities to promote the assembled steel structure housing construction policy is coming. All 

relevant compay pay attention to this change. Assembling steel structure construction projects became popular.

It is foreseeable that in 2017, the assembly type steel structure will be overwhelming.

Comprehensively promote the assembly type building

In early 2016, Premier Li Keqiang's government work report, "vigorously develop steel structure and assembly type building" for the first time at the national top level. Comprehensively promote the prefabricated construction as the core of the modern construction industry "was written into the" 13th Five-Year "plan, the development of prefabricated building is not only the reform of the construction industry, the future of the country is also an important part of the development.

Traditional building way was awful

For a long time, China's rural houses due to the lack of unified planning and standards, all kinds of cover out of the house, even the existence of security risks .More than 80% of the light steel villa building materials and components made of prefabricated factory to replace traditional building materials, on-site construction process, greatly improve the efficiency of construction, the construction site to get rid of dependence on the number of personnel and technology, construction site template, no dust, no more clean, more environmental protection.

The development of steel structure in oversea

The earliest metal structures used in building houses date back to Britain in the late eighteenth Century.

Steel structure has the advantages of good seismic resistance, light weight, high strength, fast construction and so on. It is now the dominant building structure in developed countries, and has been widely used. In Australia, the United Kingdom, Canada, Japan, the United States, Finland, France, Sweden, Denmark and other countries, have formed a considerable scale of industrial steel structure building system.

In the United States, for example, the United States used about 5% of its steel in 1990s, and is now over 40%. The multi-storey hotels and apartments the light steel structure more, building technology is a set of multilayer light steel structure steel structure, building energy saving, building fire, building insulation, new materials, architectural design and application in one integrated technology.

All Yaoda light stell villa was designed by professional design team according to marketing research and feedback of customer need. Yaoda villa is beautiful, fashion and stable.

Functional rational layout, reasonable use of space, focus on increasing the floor area without increasing the practical function.

Process prefabrication construction

Light steel villa construction cycle is the traditional architectural style of 1/4.

Service life: 70th

The traditional brick concrete buildings have been dilapidated for about 20 years, and need to be renovated or even rebuilt. And light steel villa, the service life of up to 70 years.

50 year warranty

Building interior and exterior walls, doors and windows, waterproof warranty for 5 years, the main structure of the building steel warranty for 50 years!