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Yaoda house technology Group top design and management improvement consulting project began

On 4 th July, top design and management improvement consulting project of Yaoda House Technology Group officially launched.

Through the analysis of Yaoda house technology present situation, industry development opportunities,

 combing the overall layout, clearing priority order and various departments position, optimizing the 

combination of internal and external integration of resources and resources, the development of 

long-term strategic planning and goals, enterprises do top-level design, clear direction, step on the 

beat, introduction of talent, capital and industrial resources, to achieve sustained and rapid growth.

In addition, the establishment of efficient organization system and incentive mechanism to stimulate

 the value of human capital, to attract and retain talent, so that Yaoda house techonology group  can

 become high added value and  high growth company of industry leading enterprises. The company

 management at every step, enhance corporate style, let Yao Da House Science and technology 

continue to become bigger and stronger do good