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A boss choose Yaoda light steel villa instead of fashion villa

This is absolutely a truth.The protagonist is one of our friend's customer who is hard working now.

He purchased some famous villa which lived about three years. And he want to change another new one in March. However the buget is not too much.


Some friends recommended lots of fashion villa of newly company. These villas have different designs and styles.

As a result, he bought a Yaoda light steel villa which was designed and produced three years ago. Attention! Three years ago.

His friends was so surprised. What? How good Yaoda light steel villa is? Why he bought the old one instead of the latest one?


In the end. his resons make me speechless.

1All the friends around are choosing Yao house technology!

 OK. That is true. Now the company with project love to cooperation with Yaoda. All right, I admit.

2、Yaoda was found in 1995, and is a brand enterprise which concentrating on design, production and construction. It is more powerful that some newly enterprise.

It seems like that

3、The United Nation designated supplier & National standard drafting unit

Hey... What can I say?

5、There are senior technical staff following the whole project from project alternatives and design to project construction management. 

 Me  Mmmmm……

4Products and accessories are independently supervised by own manufacture, quality assurance!

Me  Mmmmm……

6、Professional constructure team. Ensure prject progress! 

Me  Mmmmm……

7Scientific and technological intelligence, user-friendly design, and good practical, it feels so good and comfortable when we are living! 

Me  Mmmmm……

Finally, his friends also want to buy Yaoda light steel villa. That's so funny, right?