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Flash| Fire prevention traning and management traning in Yaoda

--------Fire prevention traning--------

In order to enhance fire prevention consciousness of staff and inprove organization ability and handing ability of fire fighting,Yaoda House Technology organized a company learning of fire-drill that staff could understand the fireproof system and fire escape route in company.

Through this fire-drill, staff have further practical experience in fire accidents,

emergency evacuation, proper escape and right using of fire extinguishing equipment. We think it necessary that this exercise will promote the various departments for fire control work and staff  has accumulated certain experience of fire prevention.

-------Oubo management traning-------

In a good marketing environment, Yaoda knows management need to keep up with market.Therefore, in May, Yaoda invited Oubo management research institute to training and learning our staff.

In the careful guidance of Oubo teacher, through active learning and communication meeting, staff with a global vision, is committed to the enterprise to create exclusive reform scheme.