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Basic Regulations about Technology Standard of Prefab House
First, prefab steel house should have outward opening door and open-type window, with good ventilation, lighting and heat insulation performance. The staff dormitory should be installed with screen door and screen window.

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Second, toilet should be installed in the stairwells, the floor should use the assembly prefabricated precast concrete floor and reserve for the pipeline. The floor surface should have adequate drainage slope to guarantee the smooth drainage.

Third, the roof of prefabricated house roof should not be capable to bear people and the measures of heat preservation and heat insulation should be taken.

Fourth, dining room, activity room and other labor-intensive room of which the load is bigger, should be set at the bottom while the conference room should be also set at the bottom. Kitchen and bathroom should be set up in the single-layer prefabricated houses.

Fifth, the electrical design and installation of prefabricated house should comply with the terms of current relevant national standards. The electrical wiring should use PVC pipes, and the use of damaged wires with aging of insulation is forbidden. The design of prefabricated houses should consider lightningproof grounding.

Sixth, the water supply and drainage design and installation of prefabricated house should be consistent with the current national standards, the selection of pipe material and structure should be easy in installation, disassembly and reuse. Reservation for a drain pipe should be designed in the prefabricated houses. The sealing treatment and water repellent treatment should be done after the installation is completed.