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The Characteristics and Benefits of Prefab House
The history of the prefab house goes back to the birth of America. Many of those escaping religious persecution in England took apart their homes before they left and brought them over on the boat to be reassembled in the new land.

prefabricated villa

Prefabricated house is a kind of light steel for the skeleton, sandwich panels for the building envelope materials. It uses a standard modular series to form space and its components connected by bolts. The new concept green economy prefab house can be quickly and easily assembled and disassembled, which achieve universal standardization of temporary buildings, and establish a concept of green energy, fast and efficient architectural. Prefab house makes the temporary housing turn into a sizing product filed, which is filled with development, integrated production, support of supply, inventory.

Free removable, easy to transport, easy to move. Prefab house is suitable to locate in hillside, hills, grasslands, deserts, river and does not occupy a lot of space. It can be constructed for the 15-160 square meters and it is clean and hygienic, indoor facilities are complete. Prefab house's stability durability are strong, it looks nice and can be designed on customers’ requirements. It is refined and elegant and has good insulation properties. Prefab house are most installed nearby the factory, which does not destroy the environment and not only has practical value, ornamental value, but also can bring you high profits.

The benefits of buying a prefab house include ease of mobility, speedy construction, and fewer expenses. These houses are usually less expensive to build and can be put up in only a few days, complete with wiring, heating, and plumbing. The only thing buyers must provide for their prefab house is a plot of land on which to put it.

Many modern prefab houses are designed to be very energy efficient, and often appeal to people who are looking for a small home that uses fewer resources. Others are designed specifically for vacation properties, and can even look like log cabins. There are prefab house styles today to please any architectural taste, from Colonial to Southwestern to ultra-modern.

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