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Performance Introduction of Standard Dual-Slope-Type Prefab Houseal-Slope-Type Prefab House
The quality of standard dual-slope-type prefab house is the best on the prefabricated house market, which is the lightest, easiest to be built, and in addition, prefabricated house has the unique effects of waterproof, fireproof, shockproof and anti-corrosion. The plate uses core polystyrene, which can fully achieve the effects of thermal insulation. Furthermore, shaped prefab house may be and designed and built according to user requirements. And it is suitable for temporary buildings construction unit.

Slope House

Performance of standard dual-slope-type combination prefab house Reliable structure: light steel flexible structural system, safe and reliable to meet Building Code requirements.

Convenient disassembly: House Available repeated assembly and disassembly, re-use, the installation process simple tool.

Flexible layout: windows and doors can be installed in any position, and interior partitions can be in any horizontal axis.

Stairs of prefab container house are set at the outdoor.

Structural waterproofing: waterproof design structure is used in the building, without any other water treatment.

Long use: light steel were treated for anti-corrosion coating, and the normal life is together up to ten years.

Environmental conservation: Building design is reasonable with easy disassembly, which can be repeatedly used, and the loss rate is low without construction waste.

Diverse specifications: take the use of standardized components, the length and width are K (1K = 1820mm) for the modulus. Housing lateral dimensions mk 160, the longitudinal dimension nk 160, Standard Terminology: mK × nK × Hp = width × length × height. P = 950mm, Width m optional (3,4,5 ......); length n are optional. Height h Optional (3,6,9 ......). "Standard dual-slope-type activities room combination room" common specifications illustrate: 3K × 12K × 3P, 4K × 12K × 6P.

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