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How to Choose Suitable Prefab House?
The prefab house is a kind of new concept environmentally friendly economic prefabricated house using light steel as skeleton, sandwich panels for the building envelope materials, carrying out spatial combinations with standard modulus series, and the components are connected by bolts. The characteristics of removable prefab house are: free entry, easy to transport, easy to move, the prefab house is suitable to be located in the hillside appropriate, hills, grasslands, deserts, and river. The industrialization, modular, standardized production can be achieved through the factory and flexible space ranging from 50-2000 square meters can be built. Stable structure, durability, looks nice, the design life is 15 years, can achieve multiple entry turnover construction. The selection of prefabricated houses is very important, then how to choose the prefabricated house suitable for you? Let’s take a look at the following introduction.

Steps / methods:
If you want to expand living space because the housing area is small, the prefab house has higher level of privacy and lower economic requirements, and then you can choose insulation panels roof, steel window and insulation walls for surrounding maintenance products. These products are sold at low price, economical and practical. The disadvantage is poor lighting and general ventilation. If there is skylight, then it will have a better improvement.

If you build the prefab house is to grow flowers and grass in winter, then the prefab house requires having better ventilation, adequate sunshine, so it's better to choose steel windows for peripheral maintenance, the prefab container house with glass roof and a large skylight. Such prefab house is low cost, but abat vent is needed to configure when the indoor temperature is higher in summer.

If you have a large area of housing, especially the villa construction, your prefab house is mainly used for winter recreation, fitness, gardening, etc., it is suitable to choose prefab house whose roof can move and open and can move as one. Such kind of prefab house does not have the problems of poor lighting, fixed skylights, high temperature indoors in summer of insulation prefab house.

If you need a prefab house with traditional architectural features (such as: featured living room, study, activity room, etc.), it is suitable to choose the products which use steel hollow glass roof, equipped with the right amount of special hollow glass skylights, using bridge aluminum hollow or aluminum wooden windows composite hollow glass window as the peripheral maintenance. In addition, it is suggested equipping with special shades, awnings, invisible screens and other products during use.