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How To Choose A Prefab House
Prefab house, the use of increasingly wide range of its structure and it is reliable, flexible, long life time, specifications and diverse; it is widely used in offices, conference rooms, light steel plant, light steel exhibition hall, Showground, light steel booth, fence.Before you buy a prefab house, you should confirm the following things along with color, texture, board.
prefab house Firstly, to determine the location of the prefab house is installed.
Secondly, make sure the specific of built-up area of prefab house
Thirdly, draw up your prefab house’s appearance scheme
Fourthly, decide the design drawings.
Fifthly, the designer quoted price in accordance with the design drawings for quotation.
Finally, customers decide the prefab house price.

To consider the use of integrated functions, the natural environment, economic and other factors, the most critical is to meet the functional requirements, depending on the choice of different activities using the function room type.
Type one, if you live in a small housing area, in order to expand living space, housing construction activity requiring high economic level of privacy can opt for a lower roof prefab house, plastic-steel windows plus insulation wall for peripheral maintenance products. These products,though not strictly a sun room, but the price is low, economical and practical. Drawback is poor lighting, ventilation in general. Additional skylights will have greatly improved.
Type two: if it is necessary traditional architectural features (such as: Specialty living room, study, activity room, etc.) of the color plate, should choose steel hollow glass roof, and with appropriate special hollow glass skylights to bridge aluminum hollow glass window or aluminum wood composite hollow glass windows for peripheral maintenance products,such as prefab villa:
Type three, if you are in a large housing area, especially villa building your color plate is mainly used for winter recreation, fitness, gardening, etc., should choose to open the roof can be moved as a whole moving color plate. Such activities will not have insulation board room category color plate lighting is poor, fixed skylights class activities room summer indoor temperature is high. Besides, Yaoda’s Huadu Villa is a good choice.
ype four, if you build color plate mainly for winter working in the garden, it requires prefab house to have good ventilation, adequate sunshine, should use for plastic-steel windows surrounding maintenance, and opened a large glass roof skylight color plate activity room. Such prefab houses prices are not high, but you need to configure summer indoor temperature is higher sunscreen.
Yaoda Building Material Co., Ltd. is specialized in design and production of prefab house and environmental material. Our main products include: prefabricated slope-style house, prefabricated flat-style house, prefabricated villa, security room and prefabricated fences, etc.Depending on our professional engineers, most of our products got the design patent. Therefore, our products are not only welcomed by our homeland customers, but also popular among many foreign countries, such as Australia, Qatar, Iran, Sudan, Angola and East-south Asia, Middle East and other regions, etc.