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The Advantages of Prefab House
Prefab House is a kind of light steel for the skeleton, using a standard modular series of spatial composition connected by bolts. The new concept of environmentally friendly economic prefab steel house can be assembled quickly and easily in order to achieve a common standard. It shows a green energy, fast and efficient architectural concept. Today, the prefab house has a great development, integrated production and owns multiple product styles.
steel prefab buildings
Prefab houses take considerably less time to construct than site-built homes. You can order and have delivered a modern prefab house in as little as five weeks-with the home being move-in ready in as little as eight weeks. The reason is that the factory operations are so efficient. The building process is indoors and continues regardless of the outdoor weather. During the construction project, no delays are incurred due to contractors' scheduling conflicts; everything is completed step by step during the assembly line process.
Prefab House has the advantage of: wood structure may be constructed for the 60-240 square meters and is hop interior staircase, clean and hygienic, indoor facilities, activity room looks nice, novel design, exquisite and elegant, energy-saving and environmental protection, insulation performance well, cool, anti-earthquake typhoons, cozy residence, activity room according to customer requirements for design and installation, it is highly reliable, long life, not only has use value more ornamental value, activity room so that you have walked into a large natural feel, to truly experience the European romantic life, a family travel, resorts, villas Villa, entertainment of choice.
To sum up the advantages of china prefabricated house:
Quick installation, relocation easy, beautiful and durable, low cost
First,steel capacity, steel bearing system safety and reliability, long life (usually 15-20 years)
Second, beautiful shape, and has a high cost performance
Third, disassembly fast, especially for emergency project needs
Fourth, high-quality parts and materials, reasonable design, easy disassembly for repeatedly used, each disassembly loss less than 3%, no rubbish, no pollution environmentally friendly products
Fifth, color steel, light weight, per square meter weight 50-70kg, 1 part 5 ton trucks 100m2 activity room can be carried all the components, easy to transport. Standardized components, according to the user needs to be assembled into dozens of different sizes, different purposes of the activity room.
Foshan Yaoda Building Material Co., Ltd. is specialized in design and production of prefab house and environmental material. Our main products include: prefabricated slope-style house, prefabricated flat-style house, prefabricated villa, security room and prefabricated fences, etc. The material series include: Polystyrene sandwich panel (EPS), Polyurethane sandwich panel, rock wool sandwich panel and PU foam, etc. We have the whole producing line includes the sandwich panel, the steel structure and the accessories producing line. All the equipment includes roof panel molding machine, polyurethane panel molding machine, PU panel molding machine, and kinds of steel structure molding machine are the advanced in this filed.