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The Advantages of Prefabricated House
As to modern prefab house, most people would be unfamiliar. But in modern architecture, prefab house is widely used thanks to its unique advantages, such as the prefab security room. Such prefab security house enjoys advantages such as thermal insulation, anticorrosion, sound insulation, light weight and inflaming retardance, good anti-seismic property, firmness and beauty. It is also easy to install, can effectively increase the usable floor area of the house, and has no need to be second decorated. The structure of prefab steel house is stable and reliable, with waterproof design for roof, without doing any waterproofing treatment.
modern prefab house 

Here I will introduce the advantages of prefabricated house. The most important features of the prefabricated house are that are very light constructions. Earthquake has a direct influence to prefabricated house, which decides the weight of the construction. Then, earthquake is directly proportional to mass, mass is proportional to the weight. The mass is reduced by using light material, is reduces the effect of the earthquake. Steel is ductile material. This results the absorption of earthquake energy. The elasticity modules of the wood, concrete and steel are 100.000, 210.000 and 2.100.000 respectively.

First, concrete has no elongation, steel has the elongation, and elongation absorbs the impact of earthquake. Steel is deformed by force when the force removed and the strength of the steel comes to the last point. The strength of the steel material is very high and the safety strength of the steel is 1440 kg/cm2.

Second, in each point of the concrete is not homogenous, but steel behaves the same characteristic in/on its material. Therefore it is the best material that resists against the earthquake. Since the steel baset products are produced baset on the computer aided design, it facilitates the standardisation and serial production.

Third, the time of transportations and assembly processes of the steel constructions are very short, which stimulates the use the steel. Steel constructions facilitate the clean environment in the sites.

Fourth, more powerful systems are built with steel constructions with less elements. Since the weights of the steel constructions are lower than the concrete constructions, their foundations are smaller.

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