Published by admin11月 21,2019

Customized container house needs to refer to the five maj...

As a temporary building, the container house is widely used in many engineering constructions. Wi...

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Published by admin10月 26,2019

Yaoda’s booth is full of people, which is a perfect...

October 15-19 the 126th Canton Fair was successfully concluded in Guangzhou Pazhou International ...

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Published by admin7月 04,2019

How to do a good job of waterproof and seepage prevention...

When we build the house now, we will use a lot of materials, for the roof, if we don’t use ...

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Published by admin5月 13,2019

Yaoda has no side to heart, only builds a green house in ...

The world is very prosperous, but there is only one thought in my heart. It is our mission to mak...

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Published by admin4月 28,2019

Ingenious sneak, Yaoda is another city

From April 15th to 19th, the 125th China Import and Export Fair (Guangzhou) in 2019 has successfu...

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Published by admin4月 19,2019

Yaoda’s new house is so designed that it is amazing...

Yaoda Housing Technology has more than 20 years of experience in the mobile housing industry, but...

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Published by admin4月 13,2019

Are you coming? Yaoda, Guangzhou, 15 April

Are you still worried about not finding a professional housing manufacturer? Are you still worryi...

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Published by admin4月 04,2019

Vigorous, Yaoda boarded 50KM

Starting from different starting points Meet at the same end. Measuring the Flourishing City with...

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Published by admin4月 02,2019

Bilevel Intelligent Building Project, praise for YAODA!

Common movable prefab house are built from the ground, this time Yaoda housing technology plays a...

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Published by admin3月 23,2019

Strengthen Fire Safety Awareness and Strengthen Yaoda Pro...

Strengthen fire knowledge training Safety first, prevention first”, in order to further str...

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Published by admin2月 28,2019

Understanding Yaoda Light Steel Villa in Three Minutes

It is reported that the development of assembly building in China is constantly rising. By 2017, ...

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Published by admin2月 20,2019

Yaoda’s participation in the publication of nationa...

At the beginning of the New Year, Yaoda Housing Science and Technology is ushering in two big goo...

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Yaoda Housing Technology Group was founded in 1995. it already has consecutive 20 glorious years, which has made itself become the leader in the professional compact light-steel houses industry and its brand is recognized as one of the most popular ones in China...
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